Friday, September 5, 2008

I am afraid I have set blogging to the back corner of everyday life. It's something that nags at me and I seriously lose sleep over it. Why did I enter the slow zone in my blogging efforts?... Something has taken a hold of my life and left me in the basement day in day out.
A few months ago Patricia, Nates aunt approached me about going into business with her. I had given her some vinyl for Christmas and she loved it. I have always done the vinyl for a few people here and there I figured that it was tedious and I hated dealing whith custom orders. It seemed I spent my precious time when I was really getting paid pennies for the project when it got done.
A background on Patty is that she has been in the catalog business for YEARS. When I say catalog business I mean catalogs like Ballard Designs. She is successful and when she approached me seriously I told her how my time is SO limited. She told me that she thought that she was going to be laid off soon and that she would want to go into business with me full time. Now.. how can I turn that down?
We made a plan to design for specific catalogs and she would use her expertice and networking to get the designs "out there" and running. So, I get to do what I love.. design.. and Patty is the great organizer and networker.
We are in the works of finishing our first catalog for the catalog companies and have recieved several strong compliments from people "in the know" about how great our designs are.
So If you have been wondering what has happened to me, don't worry I am safe and tucked in the back corner of my basement, designing away!
Here is a taste of my designs or I should say ...Sweet Pea Living ...