Friday, December 12, 2008

She Won!

Elise entered the reflections contest this year with 3 entries. The first one she drew outfits and picked the fabric that went with each one. The second entry she wrote a story and the third entry she made up a song on the piano, lyrics and all. She won for music and is going on to County Judging. This was all too exciting because she was presented a trophy.. A real bonified TROPHY!

She has taken this trophy with her everywhere. To lessons, to school, out and about... EVERYWHERE! I think I will start handing out trophy's to my kids for cleaning their rooms, not fighting, eating their vegetables and so on. Then maybe we would have smoother days around here.

NO No NO No!
I am really sick of this word! I am seriously asking you the question.. what do you do if your 3 year old tells you NO about 40 million times a day? Sometimes "No" even turns into a song in the back seat while I am driving ..." NO NO No, NO No No, NO no no - no no ( to the tune of Jingle bells) for no apparent reason. Why can't it be YES!...YES YES YES! "Yes, I will pick up my toys", "Yes, I will stay in the cart while at the grocery store", "Yes, I will go to the potty before I have an accident", "Yes I will rub your back mom", "Yes, I will stay quietly in my bedroom and play all day, mom".... Okay the last two are stretching it but FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!

Sweet Pea!
Here's a little update on the SWEET PEA side of things
The vinyl business is going great! We have had several catalog companies that are very interested and we are in the whole process of negotiating designs and such. We also have a rep in Missouri that is going to sell retail to different stores. I am excited to watch this party grow. It amazes me at how much time and effort it actually takes to get something like this off the ground and flying. I have added lots of design and I keep adding them to my ETSY shop. I have a promo right now that all orders are 15% off , If you go to my Etsy shop and order, type in the "notes to seller" of this discount so you will be credited!
Also, I have a little spare time to do custom orders if any of you are wanting anything specific.
Recently I created a Monogram that I absolutely love. It is called the Established Monogram and its meant to go over doorways. It would be a cool gift. Remember, if you are in my area Email me and we can forgo the shipping charges.

Christmas is on its way and It has been so fun with the ages that the kids are. Vanessa asked for a blue sleeping beauty dress, Luke asked for a BIG TRUCK! and Elise asked for a piggy bank that counts $... Mission Accomlished all for under 75 dollars! I even got Marcus the coolest puzzle that has a magnet on the end of a fishing pole that picks up the wooden magnetized pieces.

The other night we went to a live Nativity up at Amberly's Parents house in Alpine. it was so neat! I loved it. The created a mini Bethlehem and saw a camel and the way bread was made and all sorts of things. The coolest was the baby Jesus... of course! The way it was so tastefully done realy made it a spiritaul night I dont think any of my kids will forget. Thanks Watkins Family!

The Ward Christmas party is coming along great! Elises baptism invites are out and after the next few weeks i will be able to get back to normal life. Although, I really do like staying busy. i am one of those people that always has to have a project on my plate. The three youngest really have been great running to and fro to all the palces that weve had to go.

So, I will leave you with a little message that we left with our neighbors this year...

"As we seek Christ, as we find Him, as we follow Him, we shall have THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. Not for one fleeting day each year, but as our constant companion always. We shall learn to FORGET OURSELVES. We shall turn our thoughts to others. -Pres Monson

Merry Christmas!
Love the Paynes

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Life Slow down!

Okay... I have all these pictures that I have tried to load several times and Blogger won't "process my request" so until I get blogger to notice me... there will be no pictures!

Elise had Piano Festival. She performed two duets with Cayden Frost. They did really well. In the festival the pianist are judged and they got 36/40... which is really good!Grandma Vicky came with us and Nate got to stay home with sick kids... he wasnt feeling too well either. Elise turned 8 this past week. WHOA!!!!Double WHOA! 8 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She had a pink pirate party and invited 25 friends. It was a complete blast. All the girls came dressed as pink pirates and Elise had the time of her life. She gets baptized this month and can't wait for this special day. the wierd thing is that I remember when I was 8. I wonder what things she will remember when she looks back to this time in her life. I kept a journal when I was 8 and I cant wait to let her read it. WHOA!!! What a thought. What they tell you about writing a journal does come true. I guess it really is for the future generations.. maybe I will have to read through it first to make sure I come out looking good... if you know what I mean.

Marcus had his surgery... finally! I think you pronounce it homospeadus? I dont know... I DO know that it involves boy parts a scalpel, a cathader for 10 days, lots of Lortab, and a grumpy baby boy. But.. when this is all over Marcus will be a strait shooter... not a side shooter anymore! Speaking of Marcus he has started talking up a storm. He says Heidi perfect;ly and it is so fun to hear him say it. I always tell him.."say heidi" and he does. I could listen to his little voice ALL DAY. He also will sing for you. All you have to do is say sing a song Marcus and he belts one out. Only one time was it recoginzable... it was the Barney song... I love you , You love me.

My new calling is Ward Activities committee chair.. well actually.. I am the whole committee too. But, for The Christmas party I have added a few to my committe to help out. There is so much work that goes into planning something like this. WHOA WEE!

Peter Pan, King, Doggie, Baby, Heavy Equiptment operater... you take your pick.. Luke is the jack of all trades. When he is not in full costume in a different world with Vanessa, he is watching Mater and the Ghost Light. He is obsessed.. You know that mini movie on the CARS dvd? Well, I think he has watched it over 100 times in the last week. Yesterday he was hiding from me, tucked in a corner of my room under a pillow with a 7 inch DVD player watching Mater... again! He is into this hiding thing lately too. Last night we had Chili and Cornbread for dinner. He had already eaten one piece of corn bread and I told him no more until he eats a little chili. Next thing I know he is scrunched under the bar, doubled over shoving a piece of cornbread in his mouth.... checking behind him like he is incognito or something. "Dont see me"... is the family joke when a little one acts like this. As soon as Luke gives me those eyes and says "I wub you mommy" Its all over... I'm a gonner.

Snow White, Doggie, Mommy, Princess, ballerina, Make up artist, or Vanessa. So cute lately. My favorite things hse does is MAKING the boys play make believe with her. she will run around saying PEETAH, PEETAH( Peter-just like they do in the Walt Disney version, accent and all) Chasing luke and Luke will crash to the ground and she will give him a big kiss and suddenly he wakes up. and they do it over and over and over and over and over again. Okay so this game is a cross between Snow White and Peter Pan. Its too cute. I really need to get it on video. She is also obsessed about having a leotard under with EVERYTING! The funny thing is to hear her say yeoturd. It still takes Nate a couple of times before he gets what she is saying.The threes are awesome with twins! Everytime I turn around they are saying something that makes me crack up! The years leading up to this point have all been worth it.. i honestly never thought I would say that. But for any of you that have twins... its gets so much easier and funner.

For thanksgiving we went to Las Vegas to see Nate's family. Mostly to spend time with Nate's Grandpa who is dealing with the first holidays since Grandma Angel Baby passed away. We had lots of fun and he was in great spirits right up until we went to leave. he started to cry. I feel so bad for him but later in talking with Patti she made me realize that Crying is theraputic and that he needed to cry to deal with his loss. its so hard to see someone you love hurt and have to walk away form them. I will say the anti depressants that he has been on has made him a lot more mellow. It was a relief to have him sit back and actually enjoy the beautiful disaster we bring the moment we set foot in the door.
It was fun to see all of the fam there in Las Vegas. We even were able to sneak in a lunch at Micky Dees with Rachel and my cute nieces and nephews. Rae even got Shaunie out of school to see us! Thanks Rae! We had a blast!

Today I was thinking in church how much I have changed the last few years. I can feel myself morphing and its sort of a numb feeling. My connections with friends are different and its sorta sad. In a lot of ways I miss the days where I was so free but ask me if I would ever change anything.. absolutely not. The ultimate gift one can give is oneself. This thing called motherhood is so hard and pushes you to become so selfless. Weather you are ready for it or not. The better mom I am to my kids the more I look at myself and ask... Heidi are you in there... is this really you driving a minivan, putting the ever annoying Christmas blowups on my front lawn, coveting my neighbors designer Christmas tree, and wanting to sip hot chocolate at night (I swear I am being tricked into becoming my mother)... all in the name children. Although amongst all the chaos there is peace. Knowing that when you lose yourself you actually find yourself... I guess that's what this thing called motherhood is about... finding the greater gift.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love this time of year... Its the Fall. It's one of my very favorite things in the whole wide world. Today I got out in the backyard and raked and raked and raked some more. We have lots of very mature trees in our backyard so it took hours to rake them into piles. It was a good workout.

So, I havent really filled you all up on what we have been up to. Elise got recruted into a sponsered soccer team. She ROCKS THE HOUSE. She is really athletic! She plays 4 on 4 and that includes the goalies. Its fun to watch because its indoor soccer, they play off the walls and it moves really fast. They have no time outs and the only break they get is a 1:30 second half time. Needless to say soccer has been a big hit in our house. Luke is getting into the action this spring.

As you all know we launched Sweet Pea Living recently and a handfull of catalogs are including our designs for their spring editions. Today we had a refferal to Pottery Barn Kids... how awesome would that be??.. maybe they will give me a discount on their stuff if it all pans out! All in all the business is going great and I know it will do well. My partner, Patti is the mastermind of sales and she pretty much makes things happen.

We are still waiting to see where Nate gets in for School. We decided to go next August so I dont think we will know until after the new year. In the meantime He keeps moving up in the company he is with and now he is making comprable $ to what he made at the Hospital. Well see what happens. Its amazing what can happen when you put your life in the Lords hands.

Well, Elise gets baptised this December and I am amazed at how grown up she has become. She is growing out of being a little child and really starting to grasp the gospel. She is so smart and I am so proud of her. What a neat expierence it has been to see her testimory of Christs teachings grow.
For the last 8 or so months she has been taking piano and has gotten really good at it. She is half way through books that are on the second level. I have been relearing the piano right next to her and she catches on much faster than I. We are preparing some Christmas duets together for the Haws Christmas party and Im sure we will WOW all of those that attend... HAHAHA!

Luke and Vanessa are in a Joy school and they are learing to write their "special letter". They are doing wonderful. Lukes been learing about boys.. you know like boys dont wear princess dresses and boys dont wear tinkerbell underwear. Luke has become a litttle man. The other day we were at Maceys grocery store and he was pointing out to me all of the food that Vanessa likes. He asked me if he could get a string cheese and I said "yes" then he said .. for Nessa too? This is not uncommon. He loves her and crys when Vanessa doesnt want to play with him. He is talking really good and is very interested in all the letters in the alphabet. He always takes our alphabet magnets off the fridge and makes choo choo trains. The letter L is always at the first...L for Luke and Lowes.

Vanessa is super girlie. I thought Elise was but Elise doesnt match up to Venna. she wears a princess dress everyday and wears rings and crowns everywhere we go. She is so cute to hear talk becase all of her t's are hard d's. She loves everything princess and loves her Sleeping Beauty socks that she wears everyday. Sometimes they dont make it into the dryer before she wans to wear them again and she wears them wet. I have leared to pick my battles and wet socks is not one of them.

Marcus is the worlds best baby. He thinks he is three. Seriously he is into anything that Luke and Vanessa are into. He knows the difference between a high chair and a bar stool and he will have nothing to do with the high chair anymore. He wont nap unless Luke and Nessa are, he wants what they eat and he wants to even wear their clothes. What a little cutie pie!

Well, now that I have given you the worlds longest blog post I am going to let you go. Just dont forget to enjoy the autumn that lays right outside your door. It wont last for much longer! Love Heidi

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hi everyone.
Well I am happy to launch a new line of vinyl designs. I know alot of you have those boards with vinyl all over them but check out the new vinyl ideas that you put right on your wall. I think you will find that they are unique and give a whole new phase to vinyl. I will be adding new designs each day so check back. Oh, and I am offering 20% off any order for the next few weeks.Click on the green SP link to visit my Sweet Pea Living Blog.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I am afraid I have set blogging to the back corner of everyday life. It's something that nags at me and I seriously lose sleep over it. Why did I enter the slow zone in my blogging efforts?... Something has taken a hold of my life and left me in the basement day in day out.
A few months ago Patricia, Nates aunt approached me about going into business with her. I had given her some vinyl for Christmas and she loved it. I have always done the vinyl for a few people here and there I figured that it was tedious and I hated dealing whith custom orders. It seemed I spent my precious time when I was really getting paid pennies for the project when it got done.
A background on Patty is that she has been in the catalog business for YEARS. When I say catalog business I mean catalogs like Ballard Designs. She is successful and when she approached me seriously I told her how my time is SO limited. She told me that she thought that she was going to be laid off soon and that she would want to go into business with me full time. Now.. how can I turn that down?
We made a plan to design for specific catalogs and she would use her expertice and networking to get the designs "out there" and running. So, I get to do what I love.. design.. and Patty is the great organizer and networker.
We are in the works of finishing our first catalog for the catalog companies and have recieved several strong compliments from people "in the know" about how great our designs are.
So If you have been wondering what has happened to me, don't worry I am safe and tucked in the back corner of my basement, designing away!
Here is a taste of my designs or I should say ...Sweet Pea Living ...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

He did it. He turned one! On Wednesday we had a big party for him. I did a Hawiian theme and the kids loved it! Elise did the Huki Lau along with Carston and her friend Chelsea. They knew it because they did it for the dance festival at the end of the school year. It was adorable! I ran out of room on my camera so I am waiting on a few people to send me some shots. I will post as soon as I get them. We invited a few neighbor friends and of course the usual crowd at Grandma and Grandpa Haws' house.

When everyone crowded around Marcus to sing he had this look on his fac that said " what in the world are you cray people doing????? When the candle was ready to be blown out I let the kids blow it out. All day long Vanessa had been thinking that it could be her birthday too. Whenever I would say happy brthday to Marcus she would chime in.."and mine too?" then I would say "yours is in August and she would quickly reply "yes!".I dont think she knew what this meant. I think she thought it meant that yes, it was her birthday too. So, when it came time for the candle to be blown out she couldnt help but blow with all of her might.

All week long the kids have been begging me to go to Thanksgiving poin. It was such a busy week that I kept telling them that on Thursday we would go. so we did and they loved it. They chose to go to the Childrens garden and all 4 of them had a blast!

Click to play Marcus' Birthday!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Okay, Okay....

Its just so hard to find time to post. I dont even know where to start. I guess I will just go over the big things.

First and foremost...

Nathans Grandmother passed away at the end of April. I don't really know where to begin with this post. How do you sum up a loved ones life. How do you thank her for who she was and the difference she made? How do you put into words the emotions you feel? Nathans Grandma raised Nathan from the time he was a toddler. So, this loss is deep. However, We know that we will see her again. Dealing this is all so new for me. I have never lost a loved one that I was close to and I did truely love her. I think the hardest part of her passing is that Nathans Grandpa is literally having a breakdown without her around. I wish there was some comfort to give him but we dont have the same religion so how do I convince him that this is not the end.. its only the beginning and then plant a seed of faith that he can live with her through eternity? He once told me that he only has faith in one thing and that is himself. Well, I hope that through all of his suffering he is able to find comfort in knowing that we are all here for him and we need him.

A few years ago I created a professionally bound book for Nancy. It took me about 18 months but I collected several stories and pictures from friends and family and what they all had to say about her. I gave it to her for her 76th birthday and she wrote me the most beautiful card expressing to me that it was her favorite gift that she has ever gotton. It made me cry. In making the book I got to know her even better than I had before . I loved reading her story. I loved knowing about her hardtimes and her good times. About a child she lost in infancy about several marriages and finally finding the love of her life. I love knowing about her rollerskating escapades with Nathan and seeing pictures of her with her small children. What an amazing bond all mothers have! What Nancy didn't realize is that the book that I gave her was really just a glimpse of the gift of memories that she gave all of us.

Just recently, like yesterday, Nathan decided to quit his job at the hospital. He wants to get a Masters degree in Hospital Admin. but there are no programs for it in Utah. We are looking at Tennessee. Who knows what will come of all of this. We both feel really good about him quitting knowing that he can't get any higher in Healthcare Management if he doesnt have a Masters.

Actually, We have been tossing this decision around for several months. He was scheduled to take the GRE for admission to the program in Tenn the same weekend that his Grandmothers Funeral Mass was. So everything is delayed but still in full force. We will see what kind of a score he gets on the GRE. UNLV has a program that is our second choice if Tenn. falls through.

So,... hopefully at the end of July we will know what our future holds.

Lastly, Marcus turns one next week and I can't believe it! I love this little guy. He is such a pleasant baby. They grow up way too fast!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Vanessa in is a corner in mommies bedroom showering baby powder all over her singing showie ( shower), showie, showie....giggle giggle...showie.. giggle giggle. Then she gallops around the house leaving her beautiful scent wafting in the breeze. OH...what would the world be like if everyone could have a

Mr. Dreamy Eyes is in Elise's bedroom where he is supposed to be getting a litle shut-eye, (well a least thats what mommy think he's doing). But no.......... He has decided to try Elises swimming suit on and play with the doll house. Ohhh....Marcus please grow up so you and your brother can play BOY games.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

... to feed himself...need I say more?

We had fun at our neighbrhood hunt. This year everyone hid eggs in their front yards and we went around as a group and hunted. At the first house we took picures and then off they went. Well, apparently Luke thought that"Easter Egg Hunt" means "Whatever you find you can have" He ended up grabbing the neighbors trucks instead of the eggs. He grabbed a BIG toy tractor and ran it over to his wagon (it wouldnt fit in his basket). Then he jumped in the wagon and protecting his new found toy and stayed there while the rest of the kids hunted. It wasnt until the hunt was over that he really understood NO EGGS....NO CANDY. Good thing he has sisters that share.

Luke would not sit on the couch unless he got to hold Jesus.

Notice the haircut? We actually went to the Barber and he would not sit in the chair. So, I gave in and came home. I may be good a lot of things but cutting boys hair is not one of them so don't look close. Hopefully in the future we will be able to get at least one professional cut in.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I suprised Nate by planning an overnighter to SLC. (thanks mom and dad for watching the kids)We had a great time. We mainly visited the Church museum and just hung out. It was fun to have a break from kids jumping on the end of our bed at 6:00 in the morning. We took Marcus with us so we weren't completly kid-free. But 3/4 kids free is fine by me.
...My thoughts on 8 years....
I asked Nate if he thought that we would be where we are 8 years earlier. He looked at me with sort of a blank stare and said ... "has it really been that long? It sure doesn't feel like 8 years." Time flies when your having fun huh? The truth is that we thought we would be exactly where we are...raising-crazy.

When I look back at the time Nathan and I have had together, its the quiet moment's amidst all the chaos that keeps it all together. Like you know... the moment that one of your children is born and everything going on around you is blocked out except this intense spritual feeling and a complete love between you and your spouse. Or the moment that disaster strikes and its the look that you give one another knowing that you will prevail. It's the moment that your looking down from the pulpit when giving a talk and you lose all concentration because..."Is that really OUR family ...and count 1..2..3.4....yes, I guess those are all ours, WOW how did we get here so fast?" Yes, I would have to say that it is in these moments that true love is found.
8 years feels like 8 minutes


Elise started taking piano and has mastered a handfull of songs. Not difficult ones but that doesn't matter. She played at her first piano festival and she did great. I was so proud of my little girl up there to be judged. She even did a litle curtsie (sp?) when she got done.

Teeth. Or should I say tooth.
Yes, I am talking about Marcus. He got his first tooth on Monday. Finally! We have been waiting for that little puppy to grow in for quite some time. He is back to his rolly polly self and he has mastered the crawl and follows the "crowd" around the house. He actually can pull himself up too and walk around things. Mind you, he is not even 9 months.

I NOT!!!

Luke is such a tease! If you ask him to do anything he replies "I NOT" as in "I am not gonna do it". Then he gives a little smile and runs off. That's when Vanessa's cheetah instincts come in and she runs after him pulling his shirt, hair ,pants...whatever yelling at him ..."YOOK...Non't (don't) I NOT to mommy!" OH...the joys of "I NOT!"
One of these mornings I am just going to say I NOT getting up to feed Marcus. I NOT gonna do the laundry. I NOT gonna change one more wet bed. I NOT going to exercise today..I get the idea. I think moms need about one "I NOT" day per least per month.


I am stumped!
Who the heck am I gonna vote for? You tell me which one is the lesser of all evil? They all seem up to no good. Please enlighten me if you will and tell me who has your vote. I think I will need some persuading.

Hello Sunshine!
Spring is here. I can smell it! The kids are out in the crisp air and I am loving the windows open and the sound of birds outside. AHHHHHH!

American Idol
Brooke White.I would buy her CD today. Love her style of music and her "raspy"voice.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where have I been? I have been in the land of sick, sick and more sick! To put it short RSV, NASH, tubes, adenoids and the list goes on. I have never been more ready for the sun to come out so I can throw open the windows and doors and let the fresh air of 2008 in! With all of that said I will tell you that our holidays were filled with friends and family and a new love of PIT. I love fast moving games and this one ranks right up there with NURTZ!

With all the snow blanketing my world I thought I would take my kids out in it for a few shots. Although this post may not be long at least its fun to look at!