Friday, December 12, 2008

She Won!

Elise entered the reflections contest this year with 3 entries. The first one she drew outfits and picked the fabric that went with each one. The second entry she wrote a story and the third entry she made up a song on the piano, lyrics and all. She won for music and is going on to County Judging. This was all too exciting because she was presented a trophy.. A real bonified TROPHY!

She has taken this trophy with her everywhere. To lessons, to school, out and about... EVERYWHERE! I think I will start handing out trophy's to my kids for cleaning their rooms, not fighting, eating their vegetables and so on. Then maybe we would have smoother days around here.

NO No NO No!
I am really sick of this word! I am seriously asking you the question.. what do you do if your 3 year old tells you NO about 40 million times a day? Sometimes "No" even turns into a song in the back seat while I am driving ..." NO NO No, NO No No, NO no no - no no ( to the tune of Jingle bells) for no apparent reason. Why can't it be YES!...YES YES YES! "Yes, I will pick up my toys", "Yes, I will stay in the cart while at the grocery store", "Yes, I will go to the potty before I have an accident", "Yes I will rub your back mom", "Yes, I will stay quietly in my bedroom and play all day, mom".... Okay the last two are stretching it but FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!

Sweet Pea!
Here's a little update on the SWEET PEA side of things
The vinyl business is going great! We have had several catalog companies that are very interested and we are in the whole process of negotiating designs and such. We also have a rep in Missouri that is going to sell retail to different stores. I am excited to watch this party grow. It amazes me at how much time and effort it actually takes to get something like this off the ground and flying. I have added lots of design and I keep adding them to my ETSY shop. I have a promo right now that all orders are 15% off , If you go to my Etsy shop and order, type in the "notes to seller" of this discount so you will be credited!
Also, I have a little spare time to do custom orders if any of you are wanting anything specific.
Recently I created a Monogram that I absolutely love. It is called the Established Monogram and its meant to go over doorways. It would be a cool gift. Remember, if you are in my area Email me and we can forgo the shipping charges.

Christmas is on its way and It has been so fun with the ages that the kids are. Vanessa asked for a blue sleeping beauty dress, Luke asked for a BIG TRUCK! and Elise asked for a piggy bank that counts $... Mission Accomlished all for under 75 dollars! I even got Marcus the coolest puzzle that has a magnet on the end of a fishing pole that picks up the wooden magnetized pieces.

The other night we went to a live Nativity up at Amberly's Parents house in Alpine. it was so neat! I loved it. The created a mini Bethlehem and saw a camel and the way bread was made and all sorts of things. The coolest was the baby Jesus... of course! The way it was so tastefully done realy made it a spiritaul night I dont think any of my kids will forget. Thanks Watkins Family!

The Ward Christmas party is coming along great! Elises baptism invites are out and after the next few weeks i will be able to get back to normal life. Although, I really do like staying busy. i am one of those people that always has to have a project on my plate. The three youngest really have been great running to and fro to all the palces that weve had to go.

So, I will leave you with a little message that we left with our neighbors this year...

"As we seek Christ, as we find Him, as we follow Him, we shall have THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. Not for one fleeting day each year, but as our constant companion always. We shall learn to FORGET OURSELVES. We shall turn our thoughts to others. -Pres Monson

Merry Christmas!
Love the Paynes


Amber said...

Fun post, way to go Elise! I love the idea about the trophies! That just may work!

Mathie Fam said...

I wish I was her piano teacher. Tell her congratulations on her baptism too1 i miss the little nilly nuck!