Friday, January 9, 2009

It's the dead of winter and like last year I am more than ever motivated to get out of the snow. I am going compltely stir crazy home all day with 3 little kids. I am seriously trying to talk Nate into moving somewhere sunnier.... like St. George. Who knows, we might have to if things with Sweet Pea keep going good so I can be closer to my partner.

The other day I took the kids out and as trashy as it sounds I took them to McDonald's so that they could be entertained without me following them around trying to keep things clean. All winter we have been going to the Dinosaur museum and they protested me when I mentioned it. I thought it would be an easy place to take them all by myself. HA! thats a JOKE! Everything was fine until Vinney had to go to the bathroom. I couldn't leave Luke and Marcus in the play area all by themselves so I had to wait until they got down from the slides. About 5 minutes later we paraded into the bathroom. Sweet Vanessa went to go potty and before she got her pants down, she peed. She must have been holding it along time because it was a huge puddle all over the floor. I went to grab some paper towells to clean it up and thats when I found out that McDonalds only has blowers . So I took a deep breath and unrolled a toilet paper roll and started to clean it up. Well, that was when Vanessa got out of the stall( Naked...cause you know that 3 year olds think they have to totally undress to go potty) and was visiting each stall trying to find Luke who had decided that he needed to go potty too. Once she found him I hear this swish swish sound and I take a break from cleaning up the pee and where's Marcus but in another stall playing with the toliet water. I freak out and wash him with soap and tell him to stay with me... yea right! So Luke and Vinney are in the stall and Luke yells out "mom wipe me!". I call back " hold on a second honey, I have to clean up a mess". They must have not heard me because Both Luke and Vanessa left the stall ( now both naked) to find me and tell me that Luke needs to be wiped.
I paused for a second and seriously was gonna break down and cry. I had left the diaper bag in the play area and couldnt get there with having to take the 3 kids and I couldnt do that because Vanessa was naked and had no pants to wear. I had to become resourceful . After I wiped Luke I told him that we needed to take his sweater and his underware because Vanessa had to borrow it. He was a great sport. He said "okay mommy". I put his underware on Vanessa and used his sweater like a skirt for Vanessa, putting her through the neck hole and tying the sleaves together. Then I got them dressed and told them to hold hands and lean aginst the wall and we sang songs while I finished sopping up the pee with Mcdonalds incredibley thin toilet paper.
You know that song by Natalie Merchant called "these are the days"? Well I have to remind myself that I am going to miss these times someday. I have a hard time believing this and I always tell myself "laugh don't cry" and it seems to help me through. Sometimes I look at people my age that have only one or two kids... evenly spaced about 2-3 years apart, and I just think " You have no idea how good you have it" and I am a little jealous. I figure if I can just get through the next 3 years I will only have Marcus home. And when all the other kids at school I can sit at Mcdonalds with one kid and think back to the time when there was a beautiful disaster in the bathroom.... and laugh.

So here is some pictures from the last few weeks. My good camera broke when Luke threw it so don't mind the B quality


Stephanie said...

Oh Heidi! I'm so sorry about your beautiful disaster! They are VERY beautiful and I think you are doing a fantastic job raising them! You are not only a good mom but a GREAT MOM! Keep up all the good work and call me and come over and let the kids run around my place for awhile! I love you girl!

Amber said...

Oh wow girl. That's quite a story. I love that you can laugh about it. LOve you!

Sara said...

LOL!! Gosh Heidi! You can call me when you have those days and lets just share stories! I need to remember to laugh and not cry! I like that!

Mathie Fam said...

i love you! a few more years and you're in the clear! I love the pictures! My favorite part are the ponies sitting on the table--they don't go with your decor, but they so do! haha