Friday, February 27, 2009

wink and snap

I put them in the shower after they had got into my stamps and decided that they would tattoo their little bodies up and down with a Thanksgiving Indian maiden. They lasted only a few minutes in the shower because I found them here....

So long beautiful, homemade loaf of bread.


wink left
then right
little charmer
little boy

i dont even care!
no ,no, no
time alone boy
reading books boy

gorgeous day mom
dump truck play
you happy mom?
I happy boy
silly boy

eyes are closing
sleep is coming
hush boy hush
kiss once hug twice
sleep boy, sleep


tricky chicky
little snap
snap one
snap two
snap here and back

snap walking
funny little fingers

get the mail
big arms full
wonderous little girly

happy girl
big eyefull
In my face, snap
running past

hush girl, hush
covers tight
sleep girl sleep
kiss left, hug right
little snappers hush...