Friday, February 27, 2009

What has happened?
The last 18 hours my family has grown a mile. And its growing pains that make me cry. Last night Marcus climbed on the potty himself and with a little help from me and big sis Vanessa he went know... #2. Then I went to put him to bed and he insisted on sleeping with Luke in a big boy bed... and he did all night. This makes me sad because it means we have no use for a crib... and never will until I have grandkids... probably. Four is a good number. Especially when your talking about kids. But, I must tell you I cried last night because I don't have any little babies. Its been a long time coming and I thought I would love it but... Im sad. I know my limits. I 99% sure were done. Im am 100% sure I done being pregnant.

and if that werent enough....

Ellie is growing in the head... if you know what I mean. This is a daily...

E:Can Shelbie come home from school with me?
H: No, Ariana came home with you yesterday and you have soccer practice this evening
E: Please, Please, Please, mom.... high pitched loud begging... (I'm thinking "girl just chill a little")
H: No Ellie, I want time with you tonight. Let's not do any more school friends until next week.
E: Please Please Please... Shelbie can go to soccer practice with me.
H: NO ELLIE... I said No and I mean it. If you ask me aagin you will end up in your room.
E: Please, Mom.... now in a sweet, nice, pleasant voice.
H: Elise, go to your room...
E: Cry.. bawl... cry a little more... be really mad and post this sign... out side her room door.

So this was the conversation last night before bed and then again this morning but about wearing her grey capris and I wanted her to wear leggings and her brown skirt. Seriously the same thing over and over... The only difference is that she didnt have time to write a note and put it on her door. She just pounded the piano keys really hard while practicing to let everyone know she was UPSET. Then she left the house for school ... crying...

Again,.. growing pains... I cried a little... where is my sweet little girl?... I know she is in there. I think we need to take a trip to St. George together. Just me and her.


Amber said...

Your such a great mom! Hey what happened to 10 kids? Just give yourself a break for a few years and then have at least one more. Your still young!!!

Rachel said...

Geez, I thought you were describing Shaunie! Seriously! Everything is major drama and you are so mean and then you get a note on the door or one dropped on you when she walks by to the bathroom. I'm glad you are going through the same thing. It must mean it is an age thing instead of just me being a bad mom.