Monday, March 1, 2010

Bare minimum.

No apologies here! What can I year has flown past!
We are one year old and wiser too...

So, here's the truth. The place for my blog posts fits somewhere between hardly ever and never... as if you didnt know it. So, heres a quick update of all things Payne.

All things Elise...Ellie...Leesie.
Soccer, piano, shopping, illiterations, Dalton Brems, wants short hair, times tables, kick ball, jump rope, idols her mom.

All things Luke...Lukie-Duke
Pwimawy, Wace Caws, He-Man, Belts, Russell, Dessert for Dinner, Scooter, Bathtime, The letter L, singing,, Soccer, asks about when he gets to go to pre-school everyday, idols his mom.

All things Vanessa...Vinney...Nessa
Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Princess bedtime story, Halle and Audrey Smith, Playing House, Telling on Luke for when he is "naughty" in Primary or pretty much anywhere. Dance Class, and idolizing her mom.

All things Marcus...Markie
2 years old. Thats all I am gonna say.

Superman, Spiderman, Only Spiderman underwear, Cohen Bishop, M for Marcus. M for Master Manipulator, showers, brushing teeth, Spiderman scooter. Hates Nursery wants to be with Cohen in Sunbeams. (He thinks he is 4 like the twins.) um... I might add he is smack in the middle of 2...if you know what I mean.

oh yeah...Markie idols his mom too.

Nate and I just turned 10. Can you believe it? Lift your glasses cause here's to us!


Mathie Fam said...

YAY!! An Update! I love reading my sisters blogs the most. Love the description of the kids lives--so funny!

Gonzalez Family said...

It is so fun to read about your adorable kids! Even though we only live a few blocks away I sadly don't get to chat with you often so I loved reading this quick update.

bestofthebishops said...

I know I live next door to you, but it is still fun to read your darling posts!! Keep those shoes kicked off and keep blogging girl!