Sunday, March 9, 2008

I suprised Nate by planning an overnighter to SLC. (thanks mom and dad for watching the kids)We had a great time. We mainly visited the Church museum and just hung out. It was fun to have a break from kids jumping on the end of our bed at 6:00 in the morning. We took Marcus with us so we weren't completly kid-free. But 3/4 kids free is fine by me.
...My thoughts on 8 years....
I asked Nate if he thought that we would be where we are 8 years earlier. He looked at me with sort of a blank stare and said ... "has it really been that long? It sure doesn't feel like 8 years." Time flies when your having fun huh? The truth is that we thought we would be exactly where we are...raising-crazy.

When I look back at the time Nathan and I have had together, its the quiet moment's amidst all the chaos that keeps it all together. Like you know... the moment that one of your children is born and everything going on around you is blocked out except this intense spritual feeling and a complete love between you and your spouse. Or the moment that disaster strikes and its the look that you give one another knowing that you will prevail. It's the moment that your looking down from the pulpit when giving a talk and you lose all concentration because..."Is that really OUR family ...and count 1..2..3.4....yes, I guess those are all ours, WOW how did we get here so fast?" Yes, I would have to say that it is in these moments that true love is found.
8 years feels like 8 minutes


Elise started taking piano and has mastered a handfull of songs. Not difficult ones but that doesn't matter. She played at her first piano festival and she did great. I was so proud of my little girl up there to be judged. She even did a litle curtsie (sp?) when she got done.

Teeth. Or should I say tooth.
Yes, I am talking about Marcus. He got his first tooth on Monday. Finally! We have been waiting for that little puppy to grow in for quite some time. He is back to his rolly polly self and he has mastered the crawl and follows the "crowd" around the house. He actually can pull himself up too and walk around things. Mind you, he is not even 9 months.

I NOT!!!

Luke is such a tease! If you ask him to do anything he replies "I NOT" as in "I am not gonna do it". Then he gives a little smile and runs off. That's when Vanessa's cheetah instincts come in and she runs after him pulling his shirt, hair ,pants...whatever yelling at him ..."YOOK...Non't (don't) I NOT to mommy!" OH...the joys of "I NOT!"
One of these mornings I am just going to say I NOT getting up to feed Marcus. I NOT gonna do the laundry. I NOT gonna change one more wet bed. I NOT going to exercise today..I get the idea. I think moms need about one "I NOT" day per least per month.


I am stumped!
Who the heck am I gonna vote for? You tell me which one is the lesser of all evil? They all seem up to no good. Please enlighten me if you will and tell me who has your vote. I think I will need some persuading.

Hello Sunshine!
Spring is here. I can smell it! The kids are out in the crisp air and I am loving the windows open and the sound of birds outside. AHHHHHH!

American Idol
Brooke White.I would buy her CD today. Love her style of music and her "raspy"voice.


Amber said...

Hey girl! Love all the updates. I had a dream the other night that we were hanging out together. Of course it was back in the collage days. I was being stupid about something and you were shaking your head and giving one of those looks, trying to explain to someone that I just didn't get it.
Whatever "it" was I don't remember. You were thinking, "Oh Amber", just like the time I talked you into teaching me how to clean my toilet. :) Anyway, I woke up thinking, that was fun, I miss hanging out with that girl. St. Patty's day is coming up and that also makes me think of you!

Monica said...

Hey you guys! We're so happy that you've started posting again. happy anniversary to our favorite young couple. (Don't tell Molly & Robert I said that...)
Your little guys are getting so big! We want to see you so much! Are you up to another beach vacation? Just say the word!
Please save our place in your hearts, as we do for you ALL.
Love G-pa & G-ma