Tuesday, March 25, 2008

... to feed himself...need I say more?

We had fun at our neighbrhood hunt. This year everyone hid eggs in their front yards and we went around as a group and hunted. At the first house we took picures and then off they went. Well, apparently Luke thought that"Easter Egg Hunt" means "Whatever you find you can have" He ended up grabbing the neighbors trucks instead of the eggs. He grabbed a BIG toy tractor and ran it over to his wagon (it wouldnt fit in his basket). Then he jumped in the wagon and protecting his new found toy and stayed there while the rest of the kids hunted. It wasnt until the hunt was over that he really understood NO EGGS....NO CANDY. Good thing he has sisters that share.

Luke would not sit on the couch unless he got to hold Jesus.

Notice the haircut? We actually went to the Barber and he would not sit in the chair. So, I gave in and came home. I may be good a lot of things but cutting boys hair is not one of them so don't look close. Hopefully in the future we will be able to get at least one professional cut in.


Happenings said...

This is a such a cute picture of your kids! We can't wait to come up and hang out in July! Vanessa and Lukas have gotten so old. They are so funny!