Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love this time of year... Its the Fall. It's one of my very favorite things in the whole wide world. Today I got out in the backyard and raked and raked and raked some more. We have lots of very mature trees in our backyard so it took hours to rake them into piles. It was a good workout.

So, I havent really filled you all up on what we have been up to. Elise got recruted into a sponsered soccer team. She ROCKS THE HOUSE. She is really athletic! She plays 4 on 4 and that includes the goalies. Its fun to watch because its indoor soccer, they play off the walls and it moves really fast. They have no time outs and the only break they get is a 1:30 second half time. Needless to say soccer has been a big hit in our house. Luke is getting into the action this spring.

As you all know we launched Sweet Pea Living recently and a handfull of catalogs are including our designs for their spring editions. Today we had a refferal to Pottery Barn Kids... how awesome would that be??.. maybe they will give me a discount on their stuff if it all pans out! All in all the business is going great and I know it will do well. My partner, Patti is the mastermind of sales and she pretty much makes things happen.

We are still waiting to see where Nate gets in for School. We decided to go next August so I dont think we will know until after the new year. In the meantime He keeps moving up in the company he is with and now he is making comprable $ to what he made at the Hospital. Well see what happens. Its amazing what can happen when you put your life in the Lords hands.

Well, Elise gets baptised this December and I am amazed at how grown up she has become. She is growing out of being a little child and really starting to grasp the gospel. She is so smart and I am so proud of her. What a neat expierence it has been to see her testimory of Christs teachings grow.
For the last 8 or so months she has been taking piano and has gotten really good at it. She is half way through books that are on the second level. I have been relearing the piano right next to her and she catches on much faster than I. We are preparing some Christmas duets together for the Haws Christmas party and Im sure we will WOW all of those that attend... HAHAHA!

Luke and Vanessa are in a Joy school and they are learing to write their "special letter". They are doing wonderful. Lukes been learing about boys.. you know like boys dont wear princess dresses and boys dont wear tinkerbell underwear. Luke has become a litttle man. The other day we were at Maceys grocery store and he was pointing out to me all of the food that Vanessa likes. He asked me if he could get a string cheese and I said "yes" then he said .. for Nessa too? This is not uncommon. He loves her and crys when Vanessa doesnt want to play with him. He is talking really good and is very interested in all the letters in the alphabet. He always takes our alphabet magnets off the fridge and makes choo choo trains. The letter L is always at the first...L for Luke and Lowes.

Vanessa is super girlie. I thought Elise was but Elise doesnt match up to Venna. she wears a princess dress everyday and wears rings and crowns everywhere we go. She is so cute to hear talk becase all of her t's are hard d's. She loves everything princess and loves her Sleeping Beauty socks that she wears everyday. Sometimes they dont make it into the dryer before she wans to wear them again and she wears them wet. I have leared to pick my battles and wet socks is not one of them.

Marcus is the worlds best baby. He thinks he is three. Seriously he is into anything that Luke and Vanessa are into. He knows the difference between a high chair and a bar stool and he will have nothing to do with the high chair anymore. He wont nap unless Luke and Nessa are, he wants what they eat and he wants to even wear their clothes. What a little cutie pie!

Well, now that I have given you the worlds longest blog post I am going to let you go. Just dont forget to enjoy the autumn that lays right outside your door. It wont last for much longer! Love Heidi