Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

Last Weekend we went to Las Vegas. Some of our highlights were the Halloween carnival on Saturday, meeting baby Troy and just hanging out with Nates Grandparents and my sister, Rachel, and her family. I also met some of my sisters friends, Camille and Cory. OKAY... This Camille girl is amazing! Check out her BLOG( I dont know how to link, check on the left hand side of my blog). She designs quilt patters and she is SOO my style. And Cori has a set of twin boys and 3 other children besides the twins. Its always fun to meet new people. Adia.. you are going to eat these quilt patterns up!

Driving home from Las Vegas was quite the adventure! 4 kids, 3 of them 2 and under. One of them nursing , one of them throwing up and the other one... well, actually he was pretty good accept for the occasional "I want out" scream. Elise was perfect. She wanted to play the"ABC game" with all the billboards and was completly patient in waiting until mom and dad felt like playing. I had a screeching toothache (it turned out to be a root irritation in one of my teeth) and Mastitis ( if you don't know what this is go ask your mom.. let's just say it has to do with nursing...ouch!). I am making this sound pretty bad. It really wasnt all that bad. When the kids werent absolutly perfect, they were absolutly terrible. Most of the time they were perfect.


Amber said...

OUCH! I had mastitis once, that is the worst especially when you have to keep nursing.

The Noble Family said...

Marcus and Troy look so cute by each other. Marcus looks so much bigger then Troy. It's crazy how much they grow so fast. I can't wait to hold them both and give them lots of kisses.

Camille said...

You are too nice!! It was so fun to meet you- you should come up again soon and I'll come hang out with you guys, even if I have to invite myself! :-) Cute blog (and family!!)- I'll be back!