Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh my goodness, its me. Long story short. Here we are in Texas.  ~YeeHaw~ A few musing from my daily life:

Religion: Mormon. Yes, that explains all of the kids and the tattle telling to my kids teachers that Johnny just said "Oh My G__" on the playground.  ((Q: Why don't other Christians view this as insulting?))  Favorite quote "Maam, are you running a day camp?" (as were boarding a plane to California.) "Yes, Maam, I am. Its called the Camp-o-Payne"

Political: Republican, but I know that God is ultimately in charge. But, history does repeat itself. But, I really do love everyone. But, I want to stand for something or I'll fall for anything.
A few sites I follow:

So. Here goes.