Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rocket Science!

Elise got picked to be in a program that her school has called Young Astronauts. In the class they learn about Outer Space. She stays afterschool every other day with 14 other students. Mr. Maughn transforms these regular kids into

This was one fun day where family got to see just exactly what goes on in
Young Astronauts


Amber said...

How fun Elise, you little smarty! That looks so neat!
P.S. Ho, you need to call me, I think I may have found one of our old friends on someones blog!

Dave and Jen McDonough said...

Elise is SSOOOO Smart! She must take after her mom! Your kids are so cute and so sweet. And your baby is growing fast. Also, is grandma vicki your mom? She's beautiful!