Monday, December 24, 2007

My Son, My Savior

This Christmas I have discovered Mary.
I have always known her,
always loved her
and always sat her in the background of the birth of Jesus.

I have aquired such great appreciation for her part in Jesus life and in turn, mine. I have come to love her reverence for sacredness. In reading the story of Christ's birth it talks of the shepards being told by an angel of Jesus birth and who he was. When they came upon Christ , Jospeh and Mary it said they proclaimed the things that they saw . When I think of how excited they must have been and literally not able to keep their mouths closed by wonder and awe. I think I would be like this too. I dont think I would be able to proclaim enough how I felt inside, knowing at that the babe in the manger was Jesus Christ and his role that he would play in Christendom.

But then I think of Mary.

I think of how she must have felt. I can't begin to image the enormous burden and blessing the christchild would be at the same time. In the scriptures instead of proclaiming it says "Mary pondered these things in her heart." If ever a person could feel reverence, joy and such a great love between a child and mother, it must have been Mary.
This Christmastime I have pondered Jesus and what he has done for all of us, his brothers and sisters. But, I hold mary close to my own heart. As a mother, I feel so close to her and in Sis. Julie Becks words , she was a "MOTHER THAT KNEW." May I be more like Mary and be able to ponder and keep sacred and close to my heart who Christ is and his purpose for coming into this world. After all, there would be no Easter if it wern't for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Amen girl! That's for the insight and reminder.

Anonymous said...

I ment to say Thanks for the insight and reminder. I should read what I write before I post it. I'm a dork!