Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baby, Its cold outside.

Hi everyone! I have been absent, away, ignoring, busy, or what ever you want to call it for the last few weeks. I love this time of year! Its so busy and beautiful and spiritual. Nate has been home a lot lately. Him and his friend Josh are in the middle of starting a new business. i will give more details as things unfold. Its been fun to have to him home and also a bit stressfull. For those of you that have husbands its almost like Saturday and Sunday all week long. I need a few days for everyone to go away so I can catch up on the housework.

I went to Brunch... well it actually was lunch with all of my friends that I have known for so long. Some since Elementry school. Its fun how we all live around here and get together once in a while. Sometimes when you get thinking of old times its almost shocking how much life changes within a matter of years.
Here is a SHOUTOUT to all my G's!

This is who is in this pic.
Starting with the back row...
Tara, Me, Heather
Sara, Amber, Amberly and Cassie


G-Pa said...

I think maybe the "pic" didn't make it to the blog...
Get ready for the mega-box of love coming from California!! Hee Hee..

Amber said...

So fun, I love getting together with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hey you gave me a capital this time! THanks. You know I'm just giving you a hard time right?!?! Love ya! T

Todd and Susy said...

Hey Hyde...I have your Christmas card sitting on my table without an address. Will you please e-mail me your new address???

Hope all is well with you guys!
Love ya,