Saturday, November 24, 2007


This year we stayed here and had Thanksgiving with my cousin and her family. I was in charge of making the rolls and pie. They both turned out wonderfully, if I might say so myself. I have never realized how long rolls take to make. Its like 4 hours from start to finish.... with a lot of waiting in between. It made me realize why I dont do it that often. The pies were fun to make. I made apple, its tradition! The kids had fun peeling the apples and Luke has a new found appreciation for apple skins. ( Its all in the presentation, isint it?) he spread out a blanket on the kitchen floor and brought the bowl over to him and had a little picnic right there. The funny thing is that before I brought out the Apple-peeler-corer-slicer he never ate the skins. I will have to remember to do this more often. It was fun.
I coulndnt find Luke for a while when it was bed time.. PEEK A BOO! He has discovered under the crib! tHiS kId ROcKs!

Lucky number 7

Elise is officially Seven. I just feel so 30ish saying that. I am feeling more like a Mom than a mommy and I kind of resent that. She wanted a Rock Star birthday cake so this is what I came up with. We found out from the little girl behind us in line at Roberts Craft Store that Hannah Montana's birthday is also on the 23rd. AHHHHH to be seven and think that you are SO SO cool because your birthday is on the same day as a real ROCK STAR!!! We went and got her nails painted. They were all jewled up. We had alittle family party on the 23rd and then on the 24th she invited two friends and we went to Kangaroo Zoo. It was a blast! About two seconds...literally, after getting in the car Vanessa was asleep.Thats just how much fun it was. I totally reccomend this place to everyone. It's a little pricy.. but most things are, really. When Gma and Gpa come to visit we will have to hit this place. Elise got a lot of cool gifts. Among my favs was a coloring book she got from her Gma and Gpa Looker. This coloring book should not be called a coloring book, its entirely in a class all its own. If you have kids (or dont) you need to check this one out. I think they found it at Barns and Noble. Its called Doodles by Taro Gomi. (Yes, it has an Author.) Put this on your Christmas list for your young un'.
This is what it looks like.
BTW I have been wiating SO long to put this song on here. I have loved it from the first time I heard it. Its Elises little song. When she was two we would sing it really loud in the car when we lived in MD. Its called SEVEN YEARS.


Todd and Susy said...

Happy Bday Elise!!! You little cutie pie...It's just nuts the she and Jamis are as old as they are!