Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Today Luke Vanessa and I raked up the leaves on our front lawn. We have a few aspen trees that never seem to stop shedding so we took advantage of the crisp fall afternoon. Luke played in the leaves too but he wouldnt hold still long enough to get a good shot. He didnt want me to bury him in the leaves. He thought it was funner to throw them on us. I took a short video of this and then I ran out of batteries. :( Vanessa loved the leaves! When it was time to come inside and wash our hands she had leaves everywhere....even in her nose! When I would bury her she couldnt stop giggling. It was so cute... as you can see. Luke thought it was funner to bang on the trunk of a tree with a stick. What a boy!!


Amber said...

That is so cute! Is this your yard or Grandmas?

The Noble Family said...

I tagged you Heidi, if you have not been tagged yet.

Todd and Susy said...

I love looking at your little cuties! Looks like you had fun!