Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday Night- Date Night

Nate works on Friday night and so Elise and I have a standing "date night" every week. All of the babies go to bed early and we are left to have a party. Our party usually consists of popcorn, a good chic flick, snuggling in my bed and a late, 10:00 bed time. Well, last night Elise decided that she wanted to watch Wynn Dixie. Something about Wynn Dixie puts me right to sleep. I have tried to watch it about 5 times and each time the last thing I can remember is Wynn Dixie wandering into a pet shop. So... last night was no exception. I fell asleep and woke to Marcus crying as I hopped out of bed I stumbled over this..............
It was so cute I had to grab my camera and snap this shot. This little lady is such an easy load. She turns seven on the 23rd and I cant believe it! She seriously is growing up right before my eyes. I was looking at pictures of when she was younger and I seriously dont know where the time has gone. So, cheers to my lovely lady who is "inside the box"


Our Little Family said...

hahahaha.. I totally remember that spounge bob hat. That is so funny! I love elle!!