Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Catch up...?

Well, we have officially joined the blogging community! Now, the problem is deciding where to start with filling you in on what has happened in the last 7 1/2 years since Nathan and I started this little "Garden" of ours. I guess I will just give you the basics....hmmmm.

We have 4 children.

Elise Haven Payne
aka Ellie,Elle,Leasie
6 years. Elise is very smart! She is
a great leader and the best little mommy to her siblings. She loves water games and she sees everyone as her friend... no matter what their age. She is learning how to do her own hair which is always very creative. She has also informed me that sometimes I "just don't get her style" when it comes to picking out what she is going to wear for the day.

Lucas Ant
hony Payne
aka Luke, Lukie, Lukie Duke
22 months. Luke is our oldest twin. Luke is such a funny little boy. And I mean boy with a capital B! He is constantly using his hands or placing them on his hips. He acts a lot like his Grandpa Jay although you can tell who his daddy is . Luke is very sensitive to those around him, especially Vanessa, his twin. Luke loves to gives hugs and is very tender. His favorite movie is Cars although Monsters Inc. is a close second. Luke loves to be outside and is very sad when its time to come in. Luke loves Marshmallows and he also loves to Jump. His favorite book is The Big Hungry Bear. Luke's favorite saying is "there it is!"

Vanessa Anne Payne
aka Nessie,Venna, Nessie Noodle
22 months. Vanessa is very girlie. She wears her emotions on her sleeve. Vanessa is shy and new people are pretty scary to her. However, when she comes up to you and tickles your leg you know that "your in" and she considers you a friend. Vanessa loves to find a beat to the music. She catches on very easily to what is being said around her. She understands more than she can say. She loves to let her big sister get her dressed. Vanessa is a good eater, she especially loves noodles. This is why one of her nick names is Nessie Noodle. Vanessa's favorite saying is "I want..." and she loves to tease her brother. Luke and Vanessa's favorite game is "body slam"... WWF style and Luke doesn't always win.

Marcus Jay Payne
aka Markie
3 weeks. Marcus was a lovely surprise to our family. He is a very mild baby. We cant wait for him to come alive as the days pass on.

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Amber said...

I could not be more excited about your blog, or you blogging! I love it!!! I can't wait to see cute pics. of your kids on here, I will check back soon :).

Robyn said...

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi Ho.....
Hello!!!! Your kids could not be cuter!!! I love that you started a blog. I can't wait to hear all your news. Come see me next time you are in SG

Anonymous said...

He ho,

I love this! Your kids are so cute. Get some more of little markie up. He's so cute! Kenna misses her cousins and we miss you guys too. Love you. Keep it comin.