Thursday, July 26, 2007


"I love all of you. I like all of you. You guys are the best like the Bom Digitty Dood!!!"
"You guys are the best. Rock on, rock on , ROCK ON!"

Tonight Elise got the crayons out and Luke, Nesssie and Elise entertained themselves. It was so quiet around here that I had to take a picture. When Luke saw me taking pictures he turned around in his chair, faced backwards and then slowly turned back around. He was trying to NOT smile. It was so cute. Vanessa kept checking out all of the crayons and announcing to everyone that they were "MINE" (hers). Yes, she has learned this word... and she does use it! Elise was in her room writing secret messages. She went and put them in the mailbox and then came to me and said "Mom, you forgot to get the mail." I responded ( not catching on) " no, I got the mail today." Then Elise said "well, I think you might have left some in the mailbox." ( now, I clue in.) So, of course I go to the mailbox while she is peeking out the window watching me and I find several "letters" to me. All of them telling me how much she loves her familyand how she wants to live good so that she can live with us through Eternity. There are no words to descibe moments like this. I love my kids, they are the best!!!


Amber said...

Very cute, and what a sweet story about Elise! Hey, your beadboard looks great, when can I come see it?