Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy 29th to me!

Today was a great day. The kids slept in late and I got to relax in bed until 9:30! I went to lunch with Elise, baby Marcus, Steph and my mom. Nate watched the twins while he realxed as much as he could with a pounding migrane headache. We went to Gandolfos, which always reminds me of Emily. At the end of lunch mom bought a piece of chocolate cake and she put a toothpick in it since she didnt have a candle. While we were eating the cake Elise announced that "now I was 29 because I had ate my cake". Next year I wont eat cake so I dont have to turn 30. Ha ha ha. I am so blessed to have such good friends and family that never forget my birthday. It makes me feel so loved. Thanks everyone, for making my day!


Amber said...

Yea, another friend is 29! I don't have to be alone in this turning 30 thing! I am glad you had a good day, you deserve it!

David said...

Your Blog is WONDERFUL!!! Happy Birthday to our most favorite mother and friend. Stay 29 forever, it sure looks good on you! Hows about a picture of the Birthday Girl?