Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Look how cute this is. Nate is so good with Elise. She tells me all of the time how much she loves her daddy. What a man! Today he taught Elise how to drive the lawn mower! I cant wait until she can do it all on her own, that will be a few years down the road though. As much as I love Summer I am ready for Fall to come. Fall is my favorite time of year.


Amber said...

Nice back yard! I am jealous.

Heidi Ho said...

We really havent worked a lot on it this year. Next year it will be our big project for the warm seasons. It used to be an award winning yard but the people who owned it before us just let everything get so overgrown that we had to take all the perrinals out. It is big with lots of shade! we love shade!

Todd said...

Hey Hydes... So darling! I loved Elise's story. I can't believe what a great speller she is! You really do have a beautiful family! Can't wait to see them again.

P.S. this is Susy just in case you thought Toddis was commenting.