Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yoo Whoo... Tooth Fairy...

i lost a tooth to day . I was in the cafaterea today and the story is i was in the cafaterea and i was eating a apple and then it felt realy loose and then three people around me was saying that it was bleeding and then my frend gave me a cooke rapper but then i said that wont work so i asked Laceys frend if i could borrow a napcin frome her. and then she said ok here you go. and then on the third time taking the napcin out of my mouth it was gone and my frends couldnt find it. and neethr could i. and then my frend found it and some body was about to step on it and then it took it to my teachr and then she couldnt find a pack for it. and then she just put it in a napckin but then she finaly found a box. and then went to find all my frends and my meanest frend was like i dont care and that was when i went to find my frend Abgail but i couldnt find her. and so i forgot about that end of the story see you later. Elises story.


Dave and Jen McDonough said...

Heidi Ho!! I am so happy to hear from you! Your kids are super cute and I love that you have twins, too! I'm so excited to be in touch now and watch your darling little family grow up! I'm glad you're doing so well!
p.s. Do you still do mouth exercises???!?!!!?!?!! :)