Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"Diney" Museum

Today I took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum. I was nervous to take them all by myself but they did great! All the kids loved it, especially Vanessa. The twins stayed in the stroller until they saw the water and sand table. From that point on Vanessa was on cloud 9. She went around pointing at everything. I think she was half afraid of most of it and that's what made her so excited. Luke loved it too and was grunting and speaking "Japanese". At one point he started crying and sat down. He was terrified of the life size replica of a prehistoric sharkwith its mouth open. I kept telling him that it was just a big toy... he wasn't buying it though. Once we got past the shark he was great! Elise is such a trooper. She loves adventure and never seems to be afraid of anything. I guess this would be the reason that she has been to the Emergency room 10 times for various things. Broken clavicle, broken wrist, staples in her head, 17 stitches in her 2 year old hand... and the list goes on. After the Museum we walked over to the ice cream shop that is at Thanksgiving Point. I got the kids their ice cream cone (which I paid 25 cents for all 3) Elise went to hand Luke his and she fell flat on the ground. She had been sitting up to the bar and fell quite aways down. She immediately stood up and hugged me and wouldn't let go. It made sort of a scene when she fell. I think she was embarrassed. I wanted to start crying because her little heart was broken. I have never her seen her get embarrassed like that. It was totally out of character.

For the rest of the day Vanessa kept saying "diney". All she wanted to talk about was the Dinosaurs and what she saw. I have a feeling that we will be spending a lot of time at the "Diney" Museum in the future. Fine with me.


Amber said...

Yea!!! Music!!! I love it!! I wish I could have come with you today. I need to take my kids there they would love it!

Amber said...

Heidi I love the Roller Skate song!!! Thank you for making me laugh. It is so you!!!:) I have to get have it!