Monday, August 6, 2007

mY GirLie giRl

I just got back from taking Elise to the airport to visit her Gma and Gpa Looker. They live in Carlsbad, California. She was so excited to get on the plane and travel "all by herself" she almost forgot to give me a kiss and a hug. She loves to visit her grandparents and I always miss her SO much... almost to the point of tears! So... here is little tribute to my big 6 year old girlie girl off to California.


Amber said...

What a cute idea, your gonna have to teach me. Where ya been girl? I tried to call you.

Amber said...

YOU are Brave! And SHE is Brave! WOW, I don't think Ben would ever do that. I love Elise, what a sweet girl she is! I would cry for sure.d